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Our Process

Everything good needs to follow a process to achieve perfection, and Dynasty Pavers works step by step to make our work as complete as possible. All of this based on years of experience, knowledge, planning, strategy and skilled labour.

Our technique is applied to all of our processes, including Driveways, Walkways, Backyards, Steps, Patios, or Demolition & Excavation. And their step by step is:

1 - Planning

Thinking about your desire as a customer, and the situation of your home’s external environment, we will elaborate a detailed plan for the execution of the paving, guaranteeing a quality work and the best use of the area.

In this way, the project will take into account your desire, the size and proportions of the environment, the most appropriate design, the durability and resistance of the construction and, of course, everything that was established in the contract!

2 - Pre-Construction

As soon as all the planning is ready, we will proceed with the pre-construction. In this step, we will schedule the start date of the construction, with all the licenses in hand and with the necessary materials ordered or already available.

The team selected for the construction of its external area, or for the Demolition & Excavation service, received all the necessary information about the work, being prepared in advance for the service!

3 - The Construction

As soon as the agreed day arrives, construction will begin. At that time, we collect the first part of the payment, established in the process. From then on, we will all work in sync, to make the paving of your outdoor area, or your Demolition & Excavation, happen perfectly.

Throughout the process, communication will be done in an open manner, preventing errors from happening and disrupting construction progress. At that moment, all the necessary work established in the contract will be done, be it the installation of the pavement, the demolition or excavation of an area or both works!

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